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March 14, 2008


Michael Rinear

What an absolute waste of internet space. This site is a complete waste, don't bother reading further.

What A Useless Blog

Shakespeare wasn't personally anti Semitic, nor is the play so one sided that Shylock is portrayed as 'O so bad and naughty villain', there are moments where Shylock is used to highlight hypocrisies of anti-semitism itself. In fact personally, I found myself sympathising with Shylock above any other characters and it helped me see how disgusting anti-semitism really is.


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Sir, I am 15 Year old Jew, a current sophomore in the Yeshivah of Flatbush. I would like to understand your rationality, or lack thereof as to the concept of generalization. My school openly accepts Shakespeare and other literary geniuses, FOR THEIR LITERARY CONTRIBUTIONS EXCLUSIVELY. Now isn't this the proper way to conduct an English education. My school is not Conservative, nor is it Reform; we are adamant Orthodox observers, and simple people. I bestow upon you a blessing to use logic and rationality in your blog posts, seeing as this is clearly missing.


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