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March 04, 2008


paul maleski

I am a racist and anti-semitic!

Shakespeare lived in a utopian jew free England; Cromwell, changed all that in 1655. The chances that Shakespeare (and that is presuming he wrote the plays, poetry in the first place etc.) actually meeting the jew is pretty remote. This begs the fundamental question: Why is the eternal jew universally despised throughout much of history?

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it is slightly against the fact. Muslim plays an important role in the moral and ethical improvement of the western world.

paul maleski

Morals and Ethics: Part 2.
I was in a Moslem port in Africa last week, I did not venture into Agadir by choice; however, I do not despise Moslem countries; admittedly, I don't like them, they are just not my cup of tea. In fact, I do not want to visit any Islamic country for the rest of my life. Each to his own! What decent minded people have to ask themselves is this: Why is it, that throughout history, in any civilized society, the jew is always despised!?

Johnny Easy

I believe your comments are understandable, but very disrespectful. You are a horrible person, there are just some things you keep to yourself. i believe everybody has the right to make their own opinion and I also wonder why are Jews despised. Only an individual who despises them would know, so i ask you why are Jews despised.


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